Single Piece Stitcher

Single Piece Stitcher

Function Introduction 1, It can finish nailing the strengthen nails, single nail, double row nail by once. 2, Change size just need one minute,operation is easy and simple. 3, Feeding unit counts automatically,bounded after bundle. 4, Man machine interface control, easy operation, can display the place of failure, easy maintenance. 5, Automatic device alarms when the wire run out or wire winding. (to avoid the non pin line when the leakage of the nail, less nail to make bad product). 6, Back section counts automatically, the number of finished products can be set (number (1-99)) and conveyed to the end of the machine. 7, Semi finished products are made into finished products only n-eeds two people to operate.The operation is simple and convenient.

Technical parameter

model BDJ-2000
Max paper size 1515x3560mm
Min paper size 300x606mm
Stitching distance 30-120mm
Nails NO 1-99 nails
Working speed 500 nail/min
weight 2000kg
Total power 2.8kw
Stacking height 900mm
Wire size 2.0x(0.65-0.75)mm

Electrical system

Rotating bearing Haerbin
Two way bearing(except Seat Bearing) Haerbin
unilateral bearing Xianyang
Travel switch CHNT
proximity switch Autonics Korea
Electromagnetic clutch Taiwan
contactor CHNT
Touch screen Taiwan weinview
Switching Mode Power Supply Taiwan Ming Wei
The whole unit of nail head Japan
Pin blade and bottom die German