Lead edge feeder rotary die cutter

Lead edge feeder rotary die cutter

Uses and features:

1. Hitting cutter phase, computer and electric digital control , adjusting range 0~360°.

2. Die-cutting knife horizontal adjustment, computer and electric digital control, adjusting range±5mm .

3. Die-cutting rubber pad roller automatic transverse movement. Line speed automatic compensation to make the rubber pad uniform wear. It is equipped with a rubber pad repairing system, rubber pad can be used for many times after repairing, make the die-cutting paperboard more nice, with less damage to blades.

4. The rubber pad roller mechanical cam type device horizontal move ±35mm, to improve the service life of cutting blade.

5. The front feed mechanism equipped with a plurality of rolling wheel, the machine runs more smoothly..

6. The left and right side board, and the back obstructing box positions are controlled by computer and electrical digital, the side baffle with dynamic alignment device.

7 .Continue or skip paper feeding, infrared photoelectric counting.

8. Import control system, Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances, host frequency

Control, saving up to 30%.