Auto folder gluer

Auto folder gluer

QZD auto gluer and folder, include vacuum feeder unit, gluer folder unit and account stacker unit. Digital display control, PLC computer adjust the phase, frequency conversion synchronous operation, it is a simple quickly reliable accurate control system. Auto feeder, auto gluing and folding,auto accounting, auto stacking output, the average speed is 150m/min, with high speed and energy saving, labor saving.

Gluing and Folding Unit

  1. The main motor is frequency conversion speed control, the system has no noise, the speed control is flexible and stable.
  2. It use export high friction belt for conveying board, auto stacking feeding.
  3. The gluing wheel is made of stainless steel, glue evenly, no fault, and saving glue.
  4. The folding unit is equipped with board correction device and indentation correction device.
  5. There are two row adjustable inner wheel positioning system, with high accuracy of forming.
  6. Folding speed:0~130m/min.
  7. Adjust the twos sides electrically.

Counting Accumulation Part:

  1. Adopting PLC programmable controller and touch screen digital control, simple operation, reliable operation without stopping the machine input data, automatic counting, automatic stacking, neat output.
  2. The main motor of counting part frequency conversion, speed adjustable, stable and reliable power on.
  3. Belt conveying the box, neat stacking, design speed:150m/min, working speed 0~130m/min.
  4. Use the flap plate beat carton, with the function of rectification, the deviation is very small.
  5. Counting and output use pneumatic type , PLC point control, action is reliable, accurate and fast.
  6. The output unit adopt bottom conveyor belt and upper pressing belt synchronous pressing modem make the finished box sticky and neat no dislocation output. Stacking height 5-20 piece.